Friday, July 16, 2010

Start of an Early Weekend

Last night I packed my weekender bag to spend the night at mom and dad's house. Dre was out on business and there was no way I was going to stay home alone for the night. I took the dog, left the cat (he's independent), then Dre dropped me off at the parent's house. 

It was kind of nice to be in my old bedroom, sleep on my old bed, and have a bathroom all to myself again. My bedroom was the room that watched me study till 3 A.M. in the morning during those crazy grad school years. It was the room that I spent long hours glamming up to look beautiful before a date with Dre. It was the room spent chatting on the phone with him. It was the room that I left before marrying him. Visiting felt really good.

The difference now is that I'm married and that my mother has turned my bedroom into her office / work room / craft room / princess room. When I arrived, my bed was piled with different things: tubes of gift wrappers, scrapbook stuff, clothes, notebooks, books, etc. Once Izzy removed all the stuff, it looked like this (See the princess stuff? It's not my room anymore so I didn't object).

At around noon, Dre picked me up to see a matenee opening of the movie, Inception.

Awesome, awesome movie. I'm not going to ramble on about it since many still have not seen it, but I'll tell you this. Two kids under the age of 10 walked out after the movie saying, "That was an awesome movie!" - as if they understood the complexity of the film... nonetheless, they were right on the AWESOME BIT. But any movie with Marion Cotillard is pretty good. I'm one of her #1 fans.

The first movie that I watched that she was in was an international film called: Jeux d'enfants (Love Me if you Dare). The movie is intensely emotional, intensely moving, intensely innocent, and intensely complex. Watch it in youtube (or buy it), you'll love it!

Anyway, I arrived home to our newly stained deck, done by our friend Steve. His company did an awesome job, no contest. Absolutely love it. Time to invite some friends over for a BBQ and some bubbly.

{ Before }
This was taken after Steve cleaned then power-washed the deck

{ After }
We picked a natural shade for the porch since our house is brown
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