Thursday, July 22, 2010

#5 - Tickle My Keys

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 25 - Tickle My Keys
(Pic 25/365) - Yesterday's Photo Shoot

Iowa City, Iowa. I love when things are out of place - specifically objects that are placed in odd locations - It's so out of the norm that it catches the eye. As I was about to sit down to tickle the keys to play Chopin's Etude Op 10 no 12, I hesitated. I knew it by heart - but I didn't want a crowd to gather - to encore me. I simply wanted to move along to take more pictures - and that I did.

Hospital. We visited our friend at the University of Iowa Hospital, SICU ward. When we arrived, he had just gotten back from two and a half hours of testing and lab work. He has tubes inserted in his belly to drain the blood from his liver. His arm is in a cast (broken) and his left leg is bandaged up from a wound. His wife was there as well to update us on everything that's going on. He's a strong man. Even though he caught a fever and looked weak, he was in good humor cracking jokes to the hospital staff. The only thing now is the bile spillage from his liver, but that's under control. The doctor's are impressive - the majority of them are very young (late 20s, early 30s) - but answered all of our questions in detail. Sometimes that makes all the difference. He's in good hands and we're still praying for a successful recovery.

Anyway, after visiting him, we walked around to take pictures. There was this unkempt cab driver who sat at the roof of his cab waiting for customers. He was a tan skinny man, wore a raggedy jean shorts, tie dyed t-shirt, long beard, Ozzy Osborne sunglasses, and smoked cigarettes. It was a classic photo op so I asked permission to take his picture - but he denied saying, "No. I don't want you to take my picture. I do mind. No! DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE." --- Damn! It would have been my photo of the day. It was soooo perfect, but oh well. The above is awesome too.

So, more random pictures from Iowa City, IA...

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