Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 21, 2008 Storm / Tornado

Yesterday morning at 6 AM our cat, Jean-Claude, jumped on me. Before I became bitter from the rude awakening I got distracted by a loud thunder followed by a strong storm. Inclement weather had been a constant in this area so I didn't worry. I didn't scold the cat either.

I didn't think much of it until I drove to work. The scene was a complete shock. It literally looked like a natural disaster scene from a movie. The streets were a total devastation, trees snapped in half, electric wires all over the place, traffic lights busted, no electricity, and etc.

As soon as I turned into the parking lot of our office, I noticed that our sign had been snapped in half - severely torn down. I also noticed that a part of our office roof was across the street. Some streets were closed, a semi was turned over in the freeway, metal and electric poles fell on cars. It seemed so surreal.

Many businesses and residents around the area are in total devastation of the natural disaster. I hope at least the electricity will be restored soon since I cant go to work without it. Days off are nice, but it makes a difference on the paycheck. The Illinois side got hit pretty hard, but Iowa is doing all right.

If you look closely, you can see the tornado in some of the photos below. Post Tornado photos also included.
(click here for more photos)

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Friday, July 18, 2008

All Things Exotic

Our wedding theme pretty much was based on the "International" theme - more so... "ALL THINGS EXOTIC!" per Andrey's little infatuation. ha ha ha. :-)

A few days ago we went to the Asian Market. It was Andrey's first visit to such a place. As crazy and odd as it is for someone "non-asian" to see what was inside such stores, Andrey had an excited reaction. He was absolutely adorable. He was like a little kid opening presents during Christmas morning, inundated with all the new things, with all things exotic. He wanted to try everything vegetarian so we loaded up our little cart with all things exotic. lol. it was so funny.

So... it went really well. Our marriage is definitely fun, exciting with many things unheard to discover. Which was another reason I wanted to marry an international man of mystery... Russian/Ukrainian. Yes!!!!

With this whole international deal, Andrey's parents advised me to learn how to speak Russian. Andrey's sister, Marina, is engaged. My in-laws were not able to attend our wedding in the USA so Marina and Alex decided to get married in Ukraine in 2009. Thus, we are all traveling there next year!!! I FINALLY MEET THEM!!!! :-) Dre is already teaching me a few phrases. I'm super excited!!!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Post Honeymoon Blog

(Top: Our beach chairs)
(Center: Dre swimming @ Kailua Beach)
(Bottom: Me @ Kailua Beach relaxing. Background: Diamond Hill)

Hawaii was splendid. We stayed at the heart of Honolulu at a hotel called, Ohana Waikiki West. We had an ocean view suite overlooking the popular Waikiki Beach.

Oahu is pretty crowded. It's not like the fantasy paradise like Kauai, Hawaii - an island full of nature and beauty. Honolulu is more city like. A different vibe than what I'm used Hawaii to be. There were millions of tourists (Japanese) everywhere that it was almost impossible to relax. Dre and I opted to travel far away from the city to enjoy a more serene beach. (See the pictures above)

We took more photos of our trip but it's too much to post in this blog so I'll establish an online photo album sometime.

So in Hawaii we took a tour boat cruise (including a luau), went to a Polonesian Magic Show, went to the waterfront to see the Aloha Tower, Pearl Harbor (sad), and we checked out the International Market. We tried to see Diamond Hill (inactive volcano) but the place was crowded so we skipped out on it.

We would have gone snorkeling and scuba diving, but I got a little paranoid since that whole bit about a newlywed scuba diving murder story was in the news. Forget that!!!! Freaked me out. Ha ha... now I regret not going. We will when we travel back to Hawaii.

So married life is pretty nice. More peaceful than what others anticipated - but it comes along with marrying the correct person with no regrets. That always comes in handy.

Future things to look forward to. More trips, vacations, sight seeing... exploring! A little mini vacation with the hubby to Branson, MO in the near future, European trip in 2009 (meeting the in-laws - FINALLY!), and a Cruise to the Carribean with Rachel, Joan, and Judy!!!

Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babies will have to wait. I know that Arthur "TAGGED" me and said that I was next on the baby countdown... but hopefully in a year and a half or two I'll be ready.
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