Thursday, July 1, 2010

Career Path Drive

Some people bloom early or just in time. Some are so put together that they know exactly who they want to be while still in high school. These "put together" people are successful in their own way, usually financially. I, however, am one who bloomed late in life and then recently figured out who and what I want to be (I'm almost 30 too).

There's so much pressure to be great - to earn that six figure income while happiness is shoved out the door. (But are these six figure income people really happy?) There's always that annoying thing called, "Comparison" - to compare yourself to friends, to those you grew up with, or to those around you -- to keep up with the Jones's. Then you wonder, how the hell did I let myself slide? I feel like such a loser. Then the next thing you know, you accidentally step in this deep, depressive, rut of a hole that's difficult to get out of.

Been there, done that!

From experience, all I can say that it takes time. Things will eventually pan out, but it takes hard work and extreme humility. As I look back and as I  look forward to what life offer(ed/s), if given a choice, I choose to be content with now and tomorrow's possibilities. I would never exchange it for anything in the world.

In December of 2009, I quit my stagnant job. It was one of my biggest risk moves. All I know is that I needed change, and with it comes huge risks. But without that risk I would never be in the place I am right now - happy - earning just enough - and reaching my full potential at something I truly care about.

I still don't have everything "put together" like those "perfect" people, but my career path ahead is so clear that I can see the finish line. What's more important is that finally, I'm happy with the path laid out for me, and it agrees with everything that is me. And that, my friends, is what many people search their whole lives to find... bliss.

Blooming late? Hey, I dug it - and now I'm to the start point of bloom. So it's time for you to start digging out of that rut, plant your road map, and wait for you to bloom.
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