Saturday, July 10, 2010

#5 - Life Without Worry

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 14 - Life Without Worry
(Pic 14/365)

 { Life Without Worry }

There's always something to do in the cities. Today there was a Christian concert downtown by the Mississippi River. We brought our camping chairs, cooler with drinks, camera, and our dog (Pretzel). We settled underneath a tree in a shaded area. Later on, our friends joined us.

A few yards away from us was a homeless man who looked like he had no worry in the world. When the concert started, he moved closer to the stadium to listen. But isn't it funny? He's probably more content of who he is than those of us who seem to have everything a lot of things put together. At first I didn't want to post the picture as, Picture of the Day, but the man looks so peaceful. The picture portrays life as some see it, but homeless or not, it's still a beautiful life - because it is life.

{ The outdoor stage }

{ Part of the audience - including us minus me }

{ Our view of the concert }

{ I heart balloons }

 { Dre & Pretzy }

{ Andrew & Autumn }

{ The kids playing with horses }

{ Superman with the kids }

{ Pensive Sam }

{ Mikaela & Pretzy }

{ Jaylee playing with the horses } 

{ Grace & Jaylee playing with dolls }
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