Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organic Life

{ Seattle Public Market 2007 }
Dre woke up today and decided to purge all of the unhealthy foods out of the refrigerator. We went to the grocery store afterwards and stocked up on everything organic: products, produce, eggs, and even the meats. I didn't object to his decision because I've been wanting to do this for a long while now. This drastic change is necessary and came at a perfect time since I'm also assisting with a health seminar next month.

The hardest part for me is giving up the soda and the coffee. I can deal with letting go of unhealthy and processed foods, but lack of my favourite drinks got me in a state of withdrawal. It's pretty crazy. But little by little, one goes far.

I think this lifestyle change is more difficult than the challenge I had when I became vegan in 2003. True, I was vegan for almost two years, but I was also an unhealthy one at that. It was carbs galore for me and I actually gained weight. It was difficult, but I think that maintaining a healthier lifestyle will be, most definitely, challenging.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love when a new family comes to town. Enter the Aquino family from Puerto Rico - they're so fun loving and down to earth. Yesterday's festivities at the Rankin's house involved a get together birthday party for Nahira, Gabriel's wife. Good times. The video and the photos are provided by my mobile. I forgot to bring my Nikon.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Capital City

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 57 - Capitol City
(Pic 57/365)

Here are the other pictures from Des Moines, IA. In the picture directly above, you can see Iowa's capitol building in the background. We did not make our way there since we visited it two years ago when I still had my regular point and shoot camera. Someday we'll go back to take better pictures.

However, below are some photos I took of Iowa's Capitol Building and its surrounding area back in October 2008. I used a Canon point and shoot camera. Nonetheless, with the limited knowledge of photography I had back then, the pictures actually turned out quite decent.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Pagoda:
Our Brief China Experience

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 56 - The Pagoda
(Pic 56/365)

The Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens by the river walk in Des Moines, IA was an amazing experience. It felt like we experienced China for a what seemed like a nanosecond. My ultimate dream would be to travel to different countries (worlds even) to take unique and astounding pictures of anything exotic to share here on my blog. Someday.
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

#5 - Spring Beginnings

I went out to the backyard and took some pictures. The air is not yet permeated with pollens to make a significant difference in my allergy levels so I stayed out a while. The temperature feels good and the trees are budding beautifully. I can not wait to hear the sound of a lawnmower cutting grass, kids playing outside, and everyone out and about tending their gardens. I also miss photography... very excited to start it up again.
Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 55 -Spring Beginnings
(Pic 55/365)
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Angry Birds

I am officially addicted to the Angry Birds game on my mobile. I whip it out before bed or whenever I have to wait for something, like at a doctor's appointment or standing in line at the grocery store. These little birds are so angry and destructive in such a funny way that they literally make me laugh. The sound effects are just so darn cute that it leaves me in a good mood all day long.

So the object of the game is to put a bird in a slingshot in order to knock out the other birds or green pigs that are trapped over yonder. The less birds you use, the higher the score. There are levels to achieve and some quite difficult... which allows a person to become addicted to the game. Yes this is what I also do during my breaks.

Here is a list of things that are happening
and other things to come :
All the sudden the cat seems to be attached to me.
Pretzel & Colette are the best of friends now.
My life is sooo much easier with my mobile apps.
One of my favourite app is the Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner
I have a hair appointment on Friday... excitement!
The Sephora store is opening this Sunday. Ulta also opened up. More make-up fun for me.
I lack sleep but for some reason this insomnia allows me to be more productive.
Going to an Ikea Store... never been inside one but am excited to check it out.
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    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Lovely Things
    Etsy Wish List

    Above are my favourite things from They're so lovely. I envy those little shops in etsy. Someday I hope to create stuff and have my own tiny little online boutique there. There's a problem though, I have no idea where the creative arts side of my brain went so I must revive it somehow.

    So I'm taking a half day off today... it is after all Sunday. I might even head over to the flea market and the antique store. I'm pretty excited about that because as much as I want to, I don't really get out much.

    So I got this new mobile that takes decent pictures and lets me share them in social networks. Here's one,   a picture of Jean-the-Cat and I hanging out yesterday evening (taken by my new mobile).  He can be the sweetest cat ever when he wants to, other times he's just a mean-old-smug cat. lol. Gotta love him.
    Jean-the-Cat & Ella
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