Saturday, July 24, 2010

#5 - Tan Suede Shoes

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 28 - Tan Suede Shoes
(Pic 28/365)

Baby Abigail's shoes - our friend, Claire's daughter. These tiny shoes are so adorable. It's one of those things you hold in your hands and say, "Awe..." -- It was in the corner ignored... I just had to take a picture of it.

Today didn't exactly start off that great. There was a get together at mom & dad's house at noon. Since I couldn't bring the pie I baked yesterday (because Dre ate a big piece of it), I decided to whip up a box of Au Gratin Potatoes. I thought I had all the ingredients but:
  1. The milk in the fridge was expired
  2. I opened the margarine container but there were vegetables inside
So, because of the time constraints, I asked my brother for the ingredients (which he had). He drove right on over to give me the stuff. So there I was rushing to put the dish together, then soon placed it in the oven - timed it for 20 minutes then off I went to prepare my clothes for the day. 5 minutes later Izzy (brother) says, "Something smells like it's burning!" -- He opened the oven and then...


I nearly cried. It was almost time to go and I wasn't ready... and then the mess. Dre came to see the commotion and said that it will be okay -- that he'll help me clean it up when it cools down. It disappointed me more than anything because I've baked with that Pyrex container for as long as I can remember and then, IT EXPLODES!!!  Worst of all, it's not my container, it's my mom's... well... was. When she found out, she had this disappointed look on her face... which just pissed me off because it was an accident. But now that I look back to the whole scenario, it's pretty darn funny. lol.

Moving right along, more pictures of lunch at mom & dad's house... also celebrated our friend, Julie's 28th Birthday (the candle says 1, but she's 28):

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