Monday, July 19, 2010

#5 - Gloom

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 23 - Gloom
(Pic 23/365)

That's exactly how I feel today. My mobile rang at around 11:30 A.M. bringing forth bad news. Our friend fell off of a roof (on duty) and was rushed to the hospital. He was placed in the ICU for a torn liver, torn organs, and internal bleeding. He was scheduled for surgery but the last thing I heard was that he had to be air lifted to a University Hospital 60 miles west from here. I'm so distraught from it all that it was hard to concentrate for the rest of the day. I keep thinking about his wife all alone in the hospital. Wish I could be there with her... but in times like these, some people want to be left alone. *praying that he'll be all right*

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