Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rump Shaker - Booty Pop

{ Listen to this song afterward : Wreckx-N-Effect, Rump Shaker }

Picked up the mail today then browsed through a Bed Bath & Beyond catalog with a $5.00 off coupon at the back. Fliped through it and saw the, Booty Pop, ad for $19.99. It would cost me $15.00 if I use the coupon. Could it be possible? The answer to my flat bottom problems?!?!? It was a riot. I was laughing and crying simultaneously. Might head over to good old BB&B this afternoon to check it out. Maybe I'll chicken out once I have it in my hand and abandon all desire to purchase it... but maybe it's too good to pass up. The husband doesn't need to know. I guess I'll just tell him that my ass started firming up after months at the gym? He would never believe me. ha ha! We'll see what happens. :-)
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