Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brief Post

It's our Pre-Year anniversary. At around the same time next year, our relatives and close friends will be gathered at the banquet hall at the casino - celebrating the fresh hours of marriage of Dre and moi.

Okay, I cant wait! Everything seem to be set up properly a year in advanced. We need to find musicians and some other vendors. I already know the design of the invitations but not sure if it's doable. Hopefully we'll have everything set by December 2007. We have a lot done, but there's a lot more to do.

No worries for guests, there's a ton to do in the area which I will outline in the wedding webpage soon. :-)

My only concern are "no-shows". My friend's maid of honor no-showed an hour before her wedding. She was crushed. I trust my girls, but at the same time, I get a bit concerned.
Anyway... this is just a brief post of what's going on. More to follow later.
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