Monday, October 27, 2014

7 Beautiful Planners For 2015

4. Kate Spade  ♥  5. Hobonichi Planner  ♥  6. Kikki K  ♥  7. Filo Fax

I LOVE paper goods, washi tapes, agendas, planning, and stationery. They give me a chance to breathe in my semi-circus life of work, mommy-hood, and being a domestic goddess. ha ha. Also, I'm a planner and design addict.

Before I purchased my 2015 planner/agenda, I did major research. I watched videos, read reviews, and looked at many instagram hashtags on each organizer. The above goods were the top 7 people loved and adored. The most popular being the, Erin Condren Life Planner, and the Filo Fax. Each one is detailed below.

 1. Erin Condren {$50-$75}
IG Image
I love the Erin Condren line, especially the Foil and the Quotes version. It has a lot to offer and it is versatile. The Life Planner has tabs for every month, weekly pages are laid out vertically, additional notes to the side, stickers for planning, cards, gift tags, folder, zip lock pouch, and much much more. Also comes in a Teacher Planner (horizontal layout), and a Wedding Planner versions. I love how people decorate their Erin Condren planners on Instagram. So creative. Watch the video on the website for additional features.

2. Lilly Pulitzer {$17-34}
The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda was what I ended up purchasing in size large for the last quarter of this year and the whole 2015. The preppiness, water color art, built in elastic closure, and the chic stickers suited my fancy. The layout allowed me to jot at least 20-30 things to do in one day (similar layout to my 2014 planner). With my work schedule, my to do list is rather vast. A few cons: it has an extra yearly tabbed calendar at the front (redundant), and it can be a bit noisy with the watercolor graphics. Since I like to stuff my planner with important documents and inserted card stock, I had to take out the extra calendar at the front (for more space) and placed it in my other wire bound journal. Although I wish it had more to offer, I still adore this agenda.

 3. The Simplified Planner {$58.00}
This is a VERY nice UTILITARIAN planner. I should have gotten this one instead. It has laminated monthly tabs and each date gets its own page with a to do list, day planner, notes, dinner, and inspirational quotes. It is designed for productivity, not so much to over-design. Still, I like having a blank canvas to play and over-design. ☺ Visit the link for the product video.

 4. Kate Spade {$36.00}
Not exactly sure what happened to Kate Spade's leather agendas. It seems like they were discontinued and no longer being sold at I preferred those with its refillable pages than this spiral bound. The quotes, interior pocket, and elastic closure are nice. 

  5. Hobonichi Planner {$27.98 converted from yen}
Image by FiloFax Love
This planner is new to me and apparently popular in Japan. It's unique: graph paper, book mark charm, Japanese dates and quotes, no spiral or wire binding, and it is shipped from Japan. Many people swear by this planner. "I can not live a day without my Hobonichi," said one Instagrammer. It appears that people use the Hobonichi Planner more as a doodling journal. It makes sense! The only caveat are its thin pages (bleed through) and shipping that could be slow and costly since it's coming from overseas.

  6. Kikki K {$39.95-$79.95}  
LOVE this planner. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of getting a planner in a binder. It is  easier to take the pages out to write on, than to have uneven pages and a spiral or wire bound in the way. I love the design, the tabs, and how much can be put inside its storage and divider tabs. My gripe is the perpetual calendar. Filling in the dates in monthly and weekly calendars frustrates me. Also, this planner can get a bit pricey since the weekly calendar refills are purchased separately along with other refillable pages, such as addresses and etc. Whenever purchasing, read the description for what comes with each planner. This will be my planner for 2016 - I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. I love the accessories and the stationery the website offers - huge bonus.

  7. Filo Fax {$41.00-$152.00}
IG Image @SaraZorel
The other most popular planner. The Filo Fax is similar to the Kikki-K but has a lot more to offer in its refillable page layouts. Many planner addicts maintain multiple Filo-Fax organizers for different purposes: art/doodling journal, diary, diet/fitness log, and list challenges are among other uses. It's versatile and cute. Should I purchase a Filo Fax in the future, it would have to be the bigger ones.  


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