Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Star Wars In Concert

{ Our tickets : Izzy, Dre, Moi }

The concert was AMAZING! The whole thing, the concert, the choir, the orchestra, and the lights were all well presented. Anthony Daniels, aka CP3O, surprised the audience by narrating the event. He was absolutely impressive, well versed in introducing the main characters of Star Wars. I remember listening to the soundtrack back in college - it always relaxed me - so I really appreciated the concert even if there were no media representation involved. It was just amazing to listen to it live.

Below are some pictures of the show. The photos are not mine but the company's. We couldn't bring professional cameras inside the studio. We were, however, allowed to bring those point and shoot digital cameras. But seriously, once you use a professional camera, a point and shoot feels like a rinky dink toy.

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