Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Life Updates

*pictures towards the end of the blog*

In November 2007, Dre, Izzy, and I had a month long of traveling. My whole family and Dre traveled to visit Pastor Vic in St. Louis, Missouri. It was an awesome experience. Although as much as I love the city, St. Louis probably will not do me well. One month living there would allow me to start cussing and establish road rage due to the traffic alone. There's a lot to do there but it's extremely busy.

We had dinner at the Pastor's house our fist night in Missouri. Christian and Sofia prepared the entrees and after dinner everyone played cherades and had evening vespers. They're such a wonderful family. On the Sabbath weekend, my family sang special music. After church and potluck, Christian, Izzy, Dre, Dad, Tatiana, Sofia, Pastor Vic and I went to the St. Louis zoo while Mom and Miss Angela visited the beautiful Botanical gardens. The zoo is huge! Probably 10 times as big as the zoo here in the Quad Cities. On Sunday weekend, we visited the famous gateway arch. It was interesting. The way in was very secured as if one was checking in to an international airport. The way to the top of the arch was also unique. One has to ride a bubble with small five seats. The top is not spacious at all. But it does feel like you're on a 3rd world dimention. Definitely odd but an awesome experience.

Towards the end of November, Dre, Izzy, and I traveled to Seattle, Washington to visit Marina (my future sister-in-law). I absolutely LOVE this Seattle.
1. It's a big city but it's not crowded2. The traffic isn't obnoxious. People give way and are not hostile with road rage3. It has a laid back atmosphere4. You will never get bored5. Multicultural6. Coffee Shops in every corner (Hallelujah oh my soul!)

We visited and experienced many locations and things to do in Seattle:

Pike Place Public Market (Oldest Market in the United States)
The first ever Starbucks store
Sci-Fi Museum
Music Museum
The Waterfront
Boat Cruise
Space Needle
Museum of Flight
Seattle Aquarium

Dre and I were thinking about moving to Seattle because it's just so convenient for the both of us as far as carreer goes - but after the heavy snow fall here in Iowa, we decided to move some place warm. :-) But I'm absolutely LOVING Seattle.
As far as the whole wedding planning - it's been wonderful. I've been motivated since it's getting closer and closer. I still have that student procrastination quality in me. I don't think I'll ever get that out. lol.

The holidays have been a blast as well. Lots of food which coincidently moved the digital numbers on everyone's scale up. lol. But there's about six months left to trim up for the wedding. :-P

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