Tuesday, August 21, 2007


After much thought, we (dre, me, mom) all decided to hire a wedding planner. Basically it boiled down to stress levels during the wedding day exceeding boiling point inside a pressure cooker. In other words, none of us wanted to hate each other throughout this whole charade.

Good for me because I don't like planning this wedding at all. There are some brides who cant wait to pounce on the whole planning process. I - on the other hand - want to run away from it.

If I had my way, Dre and I would be married already. Small private ceremony... with the saved money going towards a business venture!!! Could you imagine!!! Start-up capital to add on what's already there!!! The entrepreneurial's dream come true!!! But this wedding isn't just for the bride and the groom. It's for their parents as well - so might as well give the parents what they want - their dream wedding vicariously through their children. lol.

When we were just "boyfriend & girlfriend" status - we loved hanging out with the singles - now that we're engaged and almost married - we started being comfortable around the married group. Whereas before, we both felt out of place. Before, we promised never to abandon our single or "not married couple" friends - now we're turning into the, "Let's hang out with the married people" group. WOW!

But I still love my single and not-married-couple friends - and yes, I live vicariously through them at times. ;-P So enjoy your freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it amazes me. What really irritates me is how much I started to enjoy talking about raising a family. Say what? Eleanor - the independent, Eleanor the non-domestic, workaholic, diva is actually thinking of being a business woman/soccer mom? Gag me right now! But it's true!!! Who am I!?!?!!??! lol. Still... I'm amazed of who I can become in the future - because I never dreamed of me being like this.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Belle of the Ball

One of the high points of wedding planning is actually trying gowns on - which was what happened today with my mother.

Today the wedding officially became a reality. It was extremely exciting for me - at the same time, it felt absolutely divine - a significant day of my life.

My gown consultant brought out dress after dress and I twirled with every single one. The lovely consultant, who had the feeling of "fashionable-sweet-grandmother" made me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. She made me feel as if every event unfolding will be perfect - she made me feel calm and relaxed.

As I stood on the step she kept fixing me up, my tiara, my veil, the dress trail; she let the dresses flow and then made me admire myself in the mirror. She smiled and whispered, "Beautiful."

I'm finally wearing a weddidng gown! I never thought I'd see the day I'd wear one - wow. What an experience.

I wanted to keep all of them. Everything seemed to be perfect - except that they didn't have the dress of my dreams in stock... which was insignificant because the dress costs a lot of money. Kind of impractical.

But it was an amazing feeling. What was more amazing was my mother - she was actually supportive. :-) Wow.

So I have 3 months to make a decision on which gown to wear. Out of 15 gowns, only 5 passed the final stage. As for the winner, I'm still deciding. :-)
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

State Fair & Wedding

Dre and I went to the Mississippi Valley Fair last night. I had fun but poor Dre was too tall to get on the rides. They should make these things for tall people too. I won a little sheep stuffed animal - cute. very cute.

As for wedding planning - Dre is on vacation next week and we're going to look for apartments and then we're going "Wedding Invitation" shopping. My mother is nagging us to get our engagement pictures taken. I think it's way too soon for it but to shut her up - we'll just do it. GGggrrr. I think I've decided on a wedding dress. It's nice - a lace halter top with a built in choker (eastern influenced) - open back - with an A-line skirt. Very unique, I haven't seen any bride wear it before. Absolutely classy and stunning. But we'll see how it fits on me. :-)
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