Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When You Just Know

I always thought it was pathetic how brides write about their weddidng gown testimonials on how they found the dress of their dreams - like it was love at first sight. How can one fall in love with a dress when there are so many to choose from?

I fell in love with a dress but my heart didn't skip a beat. The wedding gown of my dreams, the one I fell in love with is displayed to the right. The fabulous gown is designed by Maggie Sottero, called Artia. As much as I want to wear that for the wedding I took into consideration the impractical $$$$$. Beautiful and unique but oh so expensive.

But today after looking at millions of gowns - my heart skipped a beat. POOF!!! I turned into one of those pathetic soon-to-be brides who is writing a testimonial on her perfect dress. Because I finally found a dress that I KNOW I'm going to wear - and it's within my budget! :-P

As far as the rest of the wedding planning - our planner, GINA, is wonderful. She's so supportive and on the ball - never late (I LOVE THAT!!!). I'm so glad we decided to hire her as our planner.

Marriage counseling isn't bad either. Since the first meeting to the second, Dre and I actually learned a lot about each other. Kudos for that.
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