Thursday, July 22, 2010

#5 - Energy

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 26 - Energy
(Pic 26/365)

It's such an awesome photo. It's so *DR. It's of my bedside lamp for reading. If I took a picture of this lit light bulb with my digital camera, it would never have come out with such awesomeness. FEEL the POWER of my manual adjusted NIKON!!! RAWR!!! It's just so **DRATW.

Didn't feel like going out today. It's just one of those "home body" type of days - to be creative indoors. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of my everyday life:

{ The Husband & The Pretz }
Went out to do some grocery shopping and got Dre a sandwich.
After I cleaned the kitchen and put the groceries away, I walked in
to this view of my loves on the guest room bed. The happy
life of my husband and the Pretz. Even though I don't like when
there's food on the bed and extra cleaning of another room, I
thought it was pretty cute. lol. I cant get angry at this sight.

 { The Begging Cat }
It seems like I have a household of hungry boys. Jean-the-Cat 
seems to meow 24-7 asking for food. Whenever I go to the kitchen
he races me then meows hysterically. He's a big boy, but he needs
to lose a pound. Hmmm... a few lot more pounds to lose for me as well.

{ Wine Rack }
I LOVE wine racks and shiny wine bottles of different coloures.
It's just so classy. Here's to my first Wine Rack given by
Auntie Melanie. Absolutely love it. Time to fill it with 
non-alcoholic bubbly... or... the good stuff. ;-)

{ Post Cards }
Finally found some post cards from yesterday's trip. I finally can
send and receive post cards from It's so
difficult to find post cards when one doesn't live in a tourist area. 
Anyway, there's 30 in each book times 2 is 60. Woo Hoo!!!

{ KimmiDoll }
Out of all the Christmas presents I received in 2009, this little
Japanese doll was my favorite ( given to me by
Auntie Melanie. She has great taste in gift giving. Every time I see
this doll, it puts a smile on my face. I'm going to collect them all.

* Double Rainbow (DR) -  A term expressing something of pure, unrivaled awesome. Used commonly when awesome or spectacular are simply insufficient
** Double Rainbow All the Way (DRATW) - another Nathan Fillion term.
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