Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unfortunate Circumstance

My weekend + Monday was a chain of what seemed to be unfortunate circumstances.

Was showing someone how to change configurations in their Nikon (using mine) and I accidentally left my D90 at JPEG format and then took pictures. Photos should have been taken in RAW format when using professional cameras. To make matters worse, a 4 day supply of "Photo of the Day" for my, 365 Photo Day Challenge, had been accidentally deleted by yours truly. Yup... accidentally deleted formatted the SD card. SUX SUX SUX!!!! 100+ photos at unfortunately sad JPEG format GONE GONE GONE!!! Sux.

Here's the new thing then, since this happened, the challenge would have to be at least 365 days (doesn't have to be consecutive) for photos. I'm so disappointed and heartbroken with myself because I loved those pictures. *sigh* But having it in JPEG lightens the disappointment -- but still.
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