Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#5 - And... ACTION !

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 43 - And... ACTION !
(Pic 43/365)

I absolutely LOVE my job - it's pretty much my social life. Aside from the awesome accounting and financial stuff I adore and do,  I also get to work play. Today we had a video shoot for a prominent Real Estate company in town (I don't know why I've never taken photos at video shoots before). We've produced a few commercials for them in the past and here's to more! As far as video shoots go, at this specific one, Dre and Jeff called all the shots while I worked as the P.A. (Producer's Assistant) - doing anything and everything to make everything possible in the background - suggesting; fixing hair, wardrobes; moving lights, things, and etc. This shoot took about 5 hours to prepare, set, and then record infinity amount of takes per scene for a 30 second spot on television. At the end, I was sweating bullets from moving around like a maniac while carrying equipment. Welcome to showbiz! As soon as the commercial gets edited and approved, I'll post the video on here. 

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