Thursday, August 5, 2010

#5 - Sale Pending

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 40 - Sale Pending
(Pic 40/365)

I remember closing on our house the end of July last year. It was so exciting - our FIRST house - a new chapter in our lives. Now that we've been here a year, there are a ton of renovating projects I have in mind. But then it's either renovating projects or traveling? This year we chose to go on two major holidays. One was our Florida vaca last May, and the next to Europe in the fall. Hopefully next year the house projects will start.

Confession: I love our house but for some reason I want to move to another one. A house in another state for that matter... a coast state.

There are several houses in our neighborhood that are on the market that are absolutely gorgeous! Wish they were available when we were house hunting. But every time I go for a walk I grab one of those fliers just to check out the house and the price - and because I love to see how people decorate. Anyway, above is a sidewalk picture of a house that has been "almost" sold. I turned the corner and saw this beautiful view that I just had to take.

Below is just a random picture of an acorn on the sidewalk. It looked out of place. More effort into photography next time. 

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