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#12 - Crumbled Chicken & Baked Courgettes with Cheddar

Challenge 12: Cook 100 New Recipe Dishes
Recipe: Crumbled Chicken & Baked Courgettes with Cheddar
(Recipe 2/100)

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 44 - Crumbled Chicken & Baked Courgettes with Cheddar
(Pic 44/365)

{ Lunner: Crumbled Chicken, Baked Courgettes with Cheddar, and Rice }

All right, most of the dishes were being washed in the dishwasher so I used the "college" plates for the first and second dishes. I must really invest on versatile white plates to take pictures of food. White is just a classic coloure for dish ware and it looks fabulous in photos. 

A month ago this book was on sale at Borders Bookstore for $7.99 so I had to get it. A girl can never have enough cook books. Nonetheless, I don't have time to hover over the stove cooking the day away (I cooked everything in 1 hour flat, including preparation) - so this one was perfect for me. Also, the ingredients are completely simple and can be easily found in the grocery store. Anyway, the recipe of what I cooked are below. I altered mine since I rarely follow preparation directions. 

  CRUMBLED CHICKEN - serves 4 (p. 211)

    4 skinless chicken breast fillets
         each weighing about 200g/7oz
    juice of 1 lemon
    5ml/1 tsp paprika
    plain (all-purpose flour, for dusting)
    1-2 eggs
    dried breadcrumbs, for coating
    about 60ml/4 tbsp olive oil
    salt and ground black pepper
    lemon wedges (optional), to serve
  1. Skin the chicken fillets. Lay them outside down and, with a sharp knife, cut horizontally, almost through, from the rounded side. Open them up like a book. Press gently, to make a roundish shape the size of a side plate. Sprinkle with lemon juice and paprika.
  2. Set out three shallow bowls. Sprinkle four over one, seasoning it well. Beat the egg with a little salt and pour into the second. Sprinkle the third with dried breadcrumbs. Dip the fillets first into the flour on both sides, then into the egg, then into the breadcrumbs to coat them evenly.
  3. Heat the oil in a heavy frying pan over a high heat. Fry the breast portions two at a time, turning after 3 minutes, until golden on both sides. Add more oil from the second batch if needed. Serve immediately.


    4 courgettes (zucchini)
    30 ml/2 tbsp grated farmhouse Cheddar
         cheese (i used colby jack cheese)
    about 25/1 oz/2 tbsp butter
    salt and ground black pepper

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas 4. Slice the courgettes in half, lengthwise. Butter a shallow baking dish and arrange the courgettes, cut side up, inside the dish.
  2. Sprinkle the cheese over the courgettes, and sprinkle over a few knobs (pats) of butter.
  3. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the courgettes are tender and the cheese is bubbling and golden brown. Serve immediately.  
low are pictures of other things I cooked today:
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    1. That crumbled chicken looks good! I can't wait to see all the 100 recipes!