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#68 - China

Challenge 68: Send/Receive 101 postcards via
Received: 7/101
Sent: 8/101

Got a postcard from China this time. Pretty regular ikea postcard, but it's an international ikea postcard, which I appreciated along with the gorgeous stamps. So, I took HeYunyan's advice and checked out theChinese Singer named, QiYu. Below is a song she sings in Chinese. It sounds more like a Chinese folk song (1970's) - but it's very catchy and soothing. After listening to it 5 times, it grew on me. It's opening me up to the world's cultures and I absolutely love it.

QiYu's live performance is better than the video below. It's a song used in a Taiwanese Movie, Your Smiling Face. The song is titled, The Olive Tree. The song's translation is below:

The Olive Tree

The birds flying in the sky.
The stream running through the valley.
And the vast grassland.
I've wandered far and wide,
Mostly in search of the olive tree in my dream.
Don't ask where I am from,
My home is in a faraway place.
In search of what have I been wandering afar?
The olive tree in my dreams.
Don't ask me where I am from,
My home is in a faraway place.
In search of what have I been wandering afar?

According to the writeup in youtube:
This song is one of the most famous "Taiwanese College Songs" in China. It is so classical that one will not feel tired of it even after listening to it a couple of times. This song was written in 1979. The lyricist, the composer and the singer quickly became well-known after this song was released in the Taiwanese film "Your Smiling Face" (欢颜, HUAN YAN). See

2008 is the 30th anniversary of China's "Reform and Opening-up". The life of the Chinese people changed dramatically during this historic period. I still remembered that when I was 5 years old, a white man visited my hometown. The local people never saw a white man before. So he was followed by hundreds of curious children and even adults. Now, I have lived in and traveled to many countries such as the U.S., Canada, Japan, France, Monaco etc. It is just like a dream. At least I dared not have such dream when I was 5. The 2009 CCTV New Year Gala presented many old songs, a reminiscence of the past 30 years.

30 Years of Reform and Opening-up
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