Thursday, August 19, 2010

#68 - Lithuania, Ukraine, Nova Scotia

Challenge 68: Send/Receive 101 postcards via
Received: 6/101
Sent: 8/101

The mail came early today. It turns out that Dre looks forward to getting my postcards as well. Usually, he's the one who reads it silently in front of me, then, "Hey, you got two post cards!" It's kind of cute that he's doing that. lol.

Anyway, the first post card from Lithuania arrived last week, but I couldn't scan it because the computer hooked up to the scanner got busted. It was just the video card - it's all fixed now.


I adore the Ukraine and Nova Scotia postcards. Just beautiful. I love Olga's handwriting on the Ukrainian postcard. It's so European. I remember having a few pen pals from Slovenia back in middle school - and they all have the same charming handwriting.

UPDATE: on yesterday's blog (Calm Nervousness)
Just as I suspected, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Didn't get butchered with questions. I'm not exactly sure why, because the others who presented did. :-/ Just glad that it went well.
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