Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday's List: Things I Love About America
INTRODUCTION: I went to Barnes & Noble today and came across a Listography book/journal. I've given these books to friends for birthdays, holidays, and etc. but never got one for myself since I'm cheap. Instead I came across the Listography website and made my own account. This website inspired me to make my own list that will be posted every Wednesday. Visit my listography profile here.

{ Wednesday's List }
Things I Love About America

  1. Its crazy, interesting, thought provoking history
  2. Capitalism & Consumerism, the inside story
  3. So called "freedom" and "equality" while we "still" have it
  4. Multiculturalism
  5. Technology & Convenience
  6. Literature
  7. Dumb television shows that succeed
  8. Economic opportunity
  9. Stability of law enforcement, less "corruption"
  10. Political freedom of speech
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