Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#5 - Hello Winter

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 49 - Hello Winter
(Pic 49/365)

Start of Winter: December 21, 2010

It's officially winter. So far we've received four major snow fall since December 3... and definitely more in the upcoming months. Sometime this past summer, my Aunt mentioned a superstition that we will have a bad winter because the pets' furs got really thick. As much as I don't believe in superstitions, it's coming true though, isn't it?

Dare I go out there wearing 3 inch boots? That's asking for a night at the hospital. As much as I never considered myself as the UGG wearing boots type of person, the temptation of purchasing one is almost to the point of necessity. Perhaps I'm going to opt for a cheaper brand. Anyway, the "darkness" of winter is depressing, but I  have to deal with it and be optimistic because it gives great opportunities for awesome pictures.

On a awesome note, Grandma Jody is visiting us from Florida in January. She was the one who gave us Colettiletti, our sweet, darling, dog. I can't wait for Jody's arrival. I already made plans. :-)

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