Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's List: Impossible Realities

I often find myself daydreaming of uncontrollable things impossible in reality simply because the thoughts and wishes are way out of context of what this world can offer. But only through movies, imaginations, and dreams can we be transported to such realities, such environments, and such lovely things so far fetched.

{ Wednesday's List }
Impossible Realities
  • A life undo button, ctrl+z
  • Have the ability to see spectrum beyond what the human eye can see (naked eyes) without damage
  • Life search feature. Type in missing item in the computer (remote control), and the computer will locate and highlight the missing item in a mapped image of your house
  • Wireless everything. No more messy cables and cords!
  • The ability to change an item's color instead of buying a color in each item. (ie. shirt, handbags, cars, jacket, hair color)
  • To be able to walk in a digitally made universe and explore (ie. Avatar, Pandora)
  • To go back in time interactively, to watch, observe, touch, and see everything live with the naked eye
  • To go back to my high school years with the knowledge I know right now and do everything differently
  • Walk on water and breathe underwater.
  • To live forever for the sake of learning,experiencing, and observing the world's history 

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