Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 In Pictures

I can't believe Christmas is over. It was only yesterday the decorations were set in place. Anyway, we had a family Christmas dinner at our house and then headed over to my parent's house to open presents in the evening. It was fun. The pets even enjoyed it but poor Jean-the-Cat had to stay home because he doesn't like car rides. He was fine alone with his cat nip though. He got a lot of presents from my parents and from Grandma Jody.

Dre and I with Colette and Pretzel

Dad & Mom with Bianca & Maya.

Our family photo. This was the one that I look best in... so I'm going to be be biased and post it up. Ha ha. The Christmas card had a different picture.

Sparkling Bubbly... and the good stuff...

Food Food Food Food Food!! YUMO!!!

Random stacked presents.

My brilliant brother's wrapping. It was so awesome I didn't want to open it.

Another super intelligent and creative wrapping by Izzy.

This is one of the gifts we gave Izzy. It came all the way from India. It's an eyeglass holder. Unfortunately the eyeglass was not set on properly - but a fun and unique gift nonetheless. He loved it.



Binky Lou & Izzy


Maya, Pretzel, and Bianca (in the background)
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