Monday, November 29, 2010

The Christmas Spirit?

Christmas 2009 : Lauralee's baby boy, Carter at the Arkhipov house.
It's bothering me that I don't have the Christmas spirit. This year, there's no motivation to put the tree up or to decorate the house with Christmas warmth. It got annoying last year when our cat constantly knocked the tree and, knocked the ornaments down and then brought it to us in the middle of the night. I really hope that the motivation comes to me soon because I feel heartless.

On a side note, Susan Boyle's Christmas Album, The Gift, is rather good in a sophisticated, serene way. The album can be purchased for $1.35 at Sample songs can be viewed in the provided website.

Nonetheless, the pictures below are from Christmas 2008 - our first Christmas as a married couple at our first apartment. I miss that apartment. But, we choose a small tree because we're low maintenance.

Our flat, Christmas 2008. Our first Christmas as a married couple.

And we still have the same television set. Haven't updated to a flat screen. We don't watch much TV at all.

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