Saturday, January 1, 2011

Style-for-Style Saturday - Kate Middleton

Black Net Saucer Hat With Fathers $37.11 Coffee Date Clutch $24.99 Suede Pumps $45.00
Closet Blue Gather Front Dress $38.98 Little Black Blazer $42.99 Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet $6.80
Inspired Sapphire Ring $39.95 Large Teardrop Pendent $5.80
Kate Middleton is the Princess Diana of our generation. I LOVE the royals and their sophisticated sense of fashion. I'm sure that Princess to be Kate has a stylist for royal public relations, and whoever it is is doing a brilliant job. I will definitely be monitoring Kate's style.

In all other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!
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  1. Love this Style for Style thing - this is always my favorite part of a magazine!

  2. Hi Merry Heather... me too!!! :-) I didn't know you had a blog, I looked at it and it's lovely. I will be visiting and commenting often.