Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday's List - Thoughts Before Falling Asleep

Finally went on a date with my husband after a long hiatus due to the realities of owning a business. Nonetheless, there were these two coeds sitting over yonder from us. They were college aged, and oh so so young. It was apparent that it was a budding romance, the beginning of a new relationship evident through their body language, the glitter in the eyes, the smiles on their faces, and their repressed desire to turn up the heat of uninhibited flirtation. It was kind of cute but then got overly annoying after a while.

So now here I am, finished with that phase in my life, onto a happy marriage, on to an exciting career, and on to the pain that all home owners dread... the simultaneous breakdown of major appliances and other pain in the neck "things that need to be fixed". First it was the washing machine, then the stove/oven, and then came the dishwasher early this morning. !%$$^$%&%$#%!@##$%#$. Exactly!! I was on the phone all morning with our warranty company and finally got frustrated enough to cancel it all together. They were like greedy insurance companies that give reasons (loopholes) to avoid covering the expense of such unfortunate circumstance.

After all had been said and done, my GENIUS husband fixed the dishwasher. Now... on to the oven. Once it starts working again, I'm going to bake a million cup cakes! Hhhmmm... and I was looking forward to purchasing new appliances -but glad to have remained economical. Add all that to what I'll think about before bed tonight.
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