Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exotic Foods: Nutella Snack and Drink

I am a huge sucker for unique exotic foods that are difficult to find in the United States. Today's Exotic Food comes from Italy, Nutella Snack and Drink. It's similar to Yan Yan, a snack prevalent in Asian countries.

From what I've read, the drink is similar to Lipton's Iced Tea, and the sticks are similar to Yan Yan's, and the chocolate dip is the Nutella spread. Unfortunately, this goodness can only be found (in the USA) in a NY store called Buon Italia - but the online store shows that it's Out of Stock... @#$%@#$t$#@^&*. I was about to purchase a few dozen a couple for Valentine's Day's Italian Theme. I'm going to call the store tomorrow to inquire for the next shipment.

If anyone else finds these awesome packaged breakfast, please, please, please, please, please, let me know. It will be very much appreciated. :-)

*UPDATE (01.10.11)
Nutella Snack and Drink will be available to purchase online from Buon Italia in about 3 weeks. I called this morning and a lady with a thick Italian accent asked me to call back and order in 3 weeks. I can hardly wait!!!

*UPDATE (06.30.11)
Every time I call the store, they say to call back in 3 weeks. I finally checked the website and it is available, however shipping is $20.00 so I passed the opportunity. Too bad.
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