Saturday, January 15, 2011

Style-For-Style Saturday - Olivia Wilde

Tammy Mars Women's Purple Cap-sleeve Surplice Dress $21.99 Merino Wool Cardigan $39.99 
Bumper Women's Foxy Sandals $32.00Big Buddha Tuxedo Clutch $51.99

Black Beauty's Channel Set Y Style Necklace $28.50
Wired Heart Ring $18.00

Leading Lady of the movie Tron: Legacy, Olivia Wilde, is on her way to becoming an A-list actress with her talent and dynamic, versatile beauty - a quality many actresses cant pull off. Olivia was featured in the cover of Lucky Magazine exactly one year ago (January 2010) and the above is a featured ensemble within its pages, however she sports a look that could still be worn today. I absolutely love everything abut it.

I miss fashion. Everything I've been doing for the past eight years seems to stem off of logic more so than creativity because logic is much more economical and most often intangible than material. My brain is also at mental capacity that it begs for the arts. I want to make something, build something, and manage a home improvement project! I want to whip out my sewing machine, my glue gun, and my art supplies. I want to buy an electronic drill, tools, and roam around depot stores (Lowes is my favorite). I miss coloring outside the box and blowing off a day (Sunday) to be spontaneous. There's just so much going on right now, but there's a time and place for everything. I can hardly wait. Did I mention that I'm preparing and studying hardcore for the CPA exam? So help me God...
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