Monday, January 10, 2011

#5 - Candy In All of its Glory...

Challenge 5: Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Picture 50 - Candy In All of its Glory
(Pic 50/365)

Grandma Jody visited us from Miami last week. She only stayed three short days, but we made so many great memories (I miss her already). One of which was our visit to the candy store, Lagomarcino's. It's amazing how candy and chocolate can bring so much joy and happiness. Dre was literally a giant kid in that candy store, especially when he saw the giant chocolate covered marshmallows. His eyes lit up and his sticky big fingers were all over it. lol. My favorites were the chocolate covered pretzels and the mint truffles. Grandma loved the turtles. They were all so heavenly.

Such a beautiful display.

Grandma buying chocolates.

Valentine's Day chocolates ready to order.

Assortment of colourful candies.
Lego's as candy. MMmmm...
Dre and Grandma in front of the store.
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  1. Gorgeous pics, Eleanor! I LOVE Lago's chocolates & their history. While we were in Brazil, Andrew had someone pick up a heart box filled with to-die-for chocolates for me and two little ones for the girls from Lago's to keep the tradition going...that was such a treat as the Brazilian chocolate is very waxy, plus when you are abroad it's always nice to have something from home. Keep the pics coming... :-)

  2. Hi Autumn, that's such an awesome tradition. I wonder how Indian chocolates taste like? lol. I hope they're better than Brazilian chocolates.

  3. Indian chocolate is waxy too. :-(