Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kiss Me In the Rain

This morning I stood in front of the window to watch the strong drops of rain hit the pavement. Thunder and lightning usually relaxes me, but for some reason, all I wanted to do was to get the umbrella, lead my husband outside, and then kiss him in the rain like how they do it in classic black and white movies. Someday I'll muster the courage to do it.

We set aside this day to celebrate our two year anniversary. Originally, we planned to skip town to explore a bigger city, but with the severe thunderstorm warning, we decided to stay in our little city. The day was not a total loss. In fact, it unraveled quite beautifully.

Event 01: Sleeping In
We slept in - in separate beds, and in separate rooms. This idea is brilliant!! It started when Dre's back gave him problems - so we went to a chiropractor. It turns out that the nature of his job sitting in front of a computer all day, and trying to live in a world for the average height person, is the culprit of all the pain (He's 6'7. I love the tall). The chiropractor adjusted him, then advised him to sleep on a firm bed. So I take the master bedroom with the pillow top king size bed while he sleeps on a firm queen size bed in the guest room. He comes over for a sleepovers every weekend. It's liberating and healthy since distance makes the heart grow fonder. It works for us. Now if only I can have my own bathroom. ha ha ha ha ha.

Event 02: Brunch
First we dropped off Pretzel at mom and dad's house. We figured that he needed a day of fun with mom and the girls while we gallivant around town. Jean-the-Cat was left alone at home, he's quite the independent furball. Anyway, brunch took place at the Village Inn where they have the ever so wonderful, "Free Pie Wednesday" promotion. Yummy food, calm atmosphere, and free pie, pie, pie.

Event 03: Bookstore & Coffee
After brunch, we hit up Borders Bookstore to catch up on some magazines and to leaf through some books for potential reading. Came across books with striking resemblance:
It was kind of funny. As far as the Eat, Pray, Love memoir, I got halfway through the book and couldn't read anymore. I plan to finish it someday, but anticipation of the movie gets to the better of me. Also, it's not fast paced enough for my fancy. Drink, Play, and (beep), is a pretty sad book of one man's search for anything across Ireland, Vegas, and Thailand. He tells of his cheap thrill stories through his travels, and also the demise of his marriage. It's quite pathetic and sad with a twist of humor. I leafed through it, read a few paragraphs, and put it back to where it belonged (the trash section of the bookstore if there was one). Nonetheless a very funny comparison.

Event 04: Wednesday Matinee, Knight & Day

At past noon, we caught a matinee showing of, Knight & Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. As soon as we opened the doors of the theatre, the lobby was crowded.
There were kids everywhere and the lines to purchase tickets were insane (there was another long line behind me while I took the picture above). It turned out that grandparents took their grandchildren out to see the new Toy Story, and the Karate Kid. It was a zoo. Nonetheless, Knight & Day was a cute movie, chick-flick meets action. I was surprised that our showing was at full attendance to the point of an overflow.

Event 05: Photo Shoot
We went back to our wedding reception site and took pictures of each other. It was nice reliving the scenes without stress and anxiety. It was a fun photo shoot. Pictures to follow.

Event 06: Dinner Playhouse, WhoDunIt
What an exciting end of the night finale, compliments of Jody (Dre's grandma from Florida - we LOVE you Jody, thank you so much). The dinner playhouse was spectacular.
First there was a dinner buffet, then the bootleggers (waiters) opened the show with a little skit of song and dance, and then the play started. Basically, WhoDunIt is a mystery/murder/comedy/musical, much like masterpiece theatre type. There was a murder, and everyone was a suspect. The actors and actresses were so talented with such beautiful professional singing voice. I was so impressed with it all that I didn't want it to end.

So that was our 2nd year anniversary celebration. Still can't believe it has been 2 years. Here's looking for forever more years of marital bliss. xoxo
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