Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#14 Things That Make Me Happy

Challenge #14 - Identify 100 things that make me happy
* This is an ongoing list that will be updated often
** Refer to my 101 Things

  1. Cute cupcakes
  2. Coffee and Coffee Shops
  3. Charming little bakeries
  4. Bookstores, the smell of new books, the smell of old books
  5. The smell of newly baked bread, and newly toasted bread
  6. Reading random blogs
  7. Browsing
  8. Coming home to a clean house
  9. When the kitchen trash is empty 
  10. Clean laundry
  11. Sink void of dishes
  12. Balloons flying in the air
  13. Puppies
  14. Exploring a new town
  15. Date Nights
  16. Shopping for clothes, house items, and etc. 
  17. House projects and interior makeovers.
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