Sunday, June 27, 2010

101 Things - GO, GO, GO !!!

101 Things - GO! 

Yes, I'm finally going to start my 101 Things experience. It took forever to come up with 101 things to do ( - but my list is done and I can start! My only dilemma now is choosing which goals to start this incredible journey. Starting just one is simply not enough. But what's great about this is that it will keep me motivated whenever life throws me a mundane ball. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for some form of fulfillment in life. Sort of like a bucket list, but with a deadline.

So, here's the start of Challenge 5:
Complete a 365 day photo challenge. (Pic 1/365)
Picture 01 - Good Morning Sunshine
Our kids, Pretzel-Moose and Jean-the-Cat by the sunny window. Had to take a quick snap of their cuteness. It's a little blurred but soon enough I'll master the manual focus lens.

I absolutely love this challenge, it will push me to learn more about my Digital SLR and the art of taking great photos. Better late than never.
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