Sunday, June 3, 2012

Evolution of Scent

Picked up my Miracle perfume by Lancome a few weeks ago, sprayed it on and was immediately taken back go my grad school days when tears, sweat, and blood was shed and spilled over my MBA text books.  Ah... those were the days when I finally proved to myself that I achieve a high GPA.

So the scent took me back to the time I first cared about how I smelled like and thinking what would lure the boys to me... ha ha.  Just kidding.  But it took me back to 5th grade - my middle school years to be exact - when I asked my parents to get me Malibu Musk.  During that era, I also wore Charlie, White Musk, and Exclamation.  Oh the good old days of innocence.  By 7th and 8th grade, I wore mens cologne because it was so hip hop and I wanted to be one of the fly girls from In Living Colors with the big hoop earrings, high bangs, and permed hair.  I don't know... it was a phase.  In high school I became more feminine and toned it down.  By college, I became obsessed with many other scents that didn't make the list.  Grad school was a whole new story since I got a full time job and could purchase the latest scents.  Now, I'm a little more reserved with my spending and actually just wear the scents I've purchased in the past or scents that have been given to me.  Having a child truly changes a person.
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