Saturday, June 9, 2012

Favourite Restaurants

I stumbled upon a food blog called, Food Stories the other day while searching for a recipe.  The blog is awesome - I love the writing.  It's maintained by a food addict (such as myself) from London.  She's pretty awesome and if we knew each other, life would be all the more a fantastic riot.  I am enamoured and smitten with her blog of colorful exotic food escapades.  My biggest regret is forfeiting to document my tryst with food throughout my travels - because looking back, it was utterly fantastic.

But I digress, her blog inspired me to make a list of my favourite chain restaurants, with the exception of the Trattoria Tiramisu Cucina Italiana, which is locally owned.
There are so many restaurants I've dined in that are far better than the ones listed above.  There was one charming little café in the thriving downtown district of Nikolaev, Ukraine where we ate al fresco.   The food was delicious.  They made the ordinary extraordinary.  For instance, their croissant was so damn good that it makes the fresh croissants here taste stale in comparison. There were also some street vendors (yes I'm that brave) in the Philippines that I've eaten at and the foods were bursting with flavoure.  And passing through certain states in the U.S.A. were some unforgettable experiences, like our run in run out of the Waffle House, or the ever exciting island food in Hawaii.  Good times.  I wish I wrote about all the experiences.  Darn those missed opportunities.

Below are some pictures from that little café in Nikolaev mentioned above.  They photos are from my brother's collection.  I'm glad he took pictures of the food.

My brother, Izzy, ordering from the gigantic picture book menu.

I think he is drinking a caffé latte here.

Mushroom soup - unlike any other canned mushroom soup I've ever tasted.

Their version of french toast.  YUM!!!

Caffé Mocha - unsweetened.

The best croissant I've ever tasted.
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