Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday's List: Things You Lose

From left to right:
keys, handbags, hair ties, rings, wallet, bobby pins,
wrist watch, mobile smart phone, CDs, DVDs.

I'm notorious when it comes to losing the items above.  It happens only at home though, so that's a relief.  As organized as I am, there are moments when my mind escapes to Arcadia and reality is diminished into the oblivion.  That's what happens when one has multiple neurosis accompanied with schizophrenia a lot on their mind.  But in all sincerity, who would commit to inscribe the locations of some of these things to long term memory?  For instance, the hair ties and the bobby pins?

In our house, there are three locations I usually set my handbag and my rings and things... but there are times when they're not there and I panic with jargon escaping out of my mouth.  Also, we don't have a land line so our smart phones can be anywhere.  Once again, they're not committed to one location - which is the problem.  But as frustrating as it is to lose these things inside our house,  I'm happy with the way things are - because somehow, I always find them.
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