Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exotic Foods: Japanese Chocolate & Chips

How fun and exciting is life? There are so many people to meet; many places to go, explore, and experience; and so many different types of food to taste. I'm inundated with such goodness and I can't help but want more more more more more! If I had the chance, I would travel the world to soak up everything I could learn from every culture.

This past Sunday Auntie Melanie, Julie, Michael, and I traveled towards Chicago to shop at several Asian markets. First we went to a Japanese Store, then Korean, and then headed to a Filipino store. I enjoyed the Japanese store the most because their culture fascinates me: their lifestyle, inventions, fashion, design, art, tv programs, and their minimalistic homes.

Nonetheless, the first photo above is a chocolate bar called Meiji. The special thing about it is its baked in mini-marshmallows. The chocolate taste is pretty light (which I prefer) and the marshmallows taste like any other marshmallow. But I've never seen such combination sold in local grocery or specialty stores. The only place to find it within reach is if you make it yourself.

The third picture is the back side of Japanese chips. It's veggie chips with three different veggie flavoures that are not too shabby. It's comparable to Veggie Crisps, which to me tastes better. Besides not knowing what it's called because I can't read the characters, it's still pretty cute - thus the basis of my purchase.

There are other things I purchased which will be featured in future blog entries... stay tuned for exotic food adventures (taste bud adventures). :-)
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