Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Chair

My bottom literally pasted itself on my computer chair while trying to finish up corporate tax returns, more work stuff, and what have you. The most surprising thing rising from the experience is how my body aches: legs, thighs, biceps, back, and neck soreness. I usually exercise in the morning and then in the afternoon; afterward I do my usual stretches - but the damage had been done from a week's worth of abundant sedentariness that no amount of exercise could have alleviated. On top of it all, I assume that my imaginary ulcer is worsening and my multiple neurosis is bordering hysterical. But it's incredible how I fight it all and appear sane. Maybe because I am just brilliant and amazing.

In all other news, one more week... one more week of torture and then... vacation!

Bedtime Thoughts:
How many couples sit side by side in bed this late at night browsing the net?
How many of those couples also have pets soundly sleeping in bed with them?
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