Sunday, March 13, 2011

Typical Sunday
@ the Arkhipov House

Pretzel & Colette wishing you a Happy Sunday

I love Sundays, especially when I am able to sleep in and drag myself out of bed at 10 AM. Technically I woke up today at 11 AM all considering the "Spring Forward" daylight-savings time. Nonetheless, I actually woke up to both Pretzel & Colette sitting on their window perch looking back at me as I made my way towards the loo. It was awkward and uncanny that they held their gaze with mine for what seemed like an entire minute. They're such absolute darlings waiting to be picked up, hugged, and kissed. 

There's so much things on my to do list today. I'm starting to hate saying, "I'm busy." I'd rather say, "I'm living life." Everyone is too busy and stressing themselves out that it's getting redundant and cliché as if its the norm in American society, as if one is unimportant and insignificant if they're not busy. Scrap it... what we need is a change of mindset. For example, I love when a million things are going on simultaneously, but instead of stressing I will problem solve my time management, pace myself, and slow it down to quality (not quantity) to finish whatever it is I'm doing. It's my first attempt to a zen life to reach some form of joriki. I will be blogging more about this in the future.
Even crazier news, my five week staycation has been decreased to 2 days. I had it all planned out with lots of cooking, thorough cleaning, decorating, window shopping, exercising, meditation, spending time with family and pets, and watching a few documentaries -- but I believe I can still achieve all of it in 2 days + the weekend... so I'm not exactly that upset about it. 

Plans for today:
  • Typical Sunday "To Do" list (laundry, clean, etc.)
  • Feed my mind and body by exercising and learning
  • Doing something spontaneous
  • Walk Pretz & Coletti outside
  • Bring home a delicious dessert and blog about it
  • Work, work, work...
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