Friday, March 25, 2011

Challenge 30
Buy Something From

My Auntie Romy from Hawaii recommended lip balms (tints) from Epically Epic Soap Co. a charming little store. I purchased the Trio of Epic Lip Balms or Tints choosing the Red Velvet Cake, Epic Berry Noir, and Red Clove lip tints as my three flavours. I am amazed of how smooth these tints glided on my lips. It felt like it ice or smooth chocolate melting to the heat of my body. It is also long lasting. Last night I put on the Epic Berry Noir before bed and when I woke up, my lips were still soft and moist as if I just applied it on. I am very impressed, not to mention addicted to these vegan lip amazingness. Next time I'm going to purchase fruity flavoures and brulee flavoures.

As far as lip stuff that tingles my favourites are: Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother, and CoverGirl's Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss. In all other news, I'm still thinking about reviving my beauty and fashion blog. I'm still unsure about it. We shall see... but in conclusion, I am very satisfied with my first purchase.

In other unrelated news... it's crazy how many nasty smelling facial moisturizers are out there. I tried to find a cheaper one than my almost empty Juice Beauty and finally ended up with Aveeno's Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. It smells light and fresh like clean laundry. But there's definitely an epidemic of disgusting smelling facial moisturizers out there... which explains why there are so many old people who smell... unpleasant.
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