Friday, July 8, 2011

A Visit to
Galena, Illinois

We finally celebrated our 3rd year anniversary today at Galena, Illinois (Our anniversary is June 22). Galena is a quaint historical town full of little boutiques, little restaurants, and it has a charming feel to it. We went to an old ice cream parlor, a bakery, several gift stores, several canning stores, and specialty stores. It was a lot of fun - definitely a different pace from a big city scene. Wish we took more pictures, but there was just so much to see, to do, and our hands were full from the purchases. Nonetheless, we had a great time.

{ A colorful blown glass at one of the specialty boutique. }
{ We also visited and toured Ulysses S. Grant's house. }
{ A preserved General Store circa early 1900's beside Ulysses S. Gran'ts house. }
{ Don't mind the glare. The store was behind a glass wall. }
{ The other view of the store. It's really interesting. Very circa Anne of Green Gables. }

{ The oldest house in Galena, built 1926, located in the business district. }
{ The people are waiting for a tour of the house. }

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