Monday, July 25, 2011

Quite Contrary

This year's flower garden is less than impressive. There are so many flowers that shriveled up and died (like the picture above) because of the extreme heat. The rabbits and critters do not help the situation since they eat the flowers and uproot them. I didn't have this problem last spring/summer. By this time last year, the flowers were blooming and were so abundant. But it seems like this year I'm outside more often watering, tending, and weeding - yet sometimes I feel like there's nothing I can do to save them or make them be fruitful and multiply.

At least I have those two sweethearts in the window to keep me company;
watching over me while I tend to the flower garden. They're so precious. 

In all other news. Jean-the-Cat had his annual vet appointment today. 
Cat is healthy, he lost a pound in one year but still needs to lose weight.
He is currently 15 pounds, have great lungs, great tummy, and have
insanely white and healthy teeth for a senior cat. He is 8 years old this year.
{ Pardon the mobile device photo }
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