Friday, July 1, 2011

Exotic Drinks

I hate being sick with a sore throat and a cold. The sore throat is gone but the cold remains. *sigh* I'm blogging from my phone so I'm not sure how this will turn out.

Anyway, last week we postponed our anniversary trip because Dre had a toothache, this week I had to postpone it because I'm sick. I was planning to stay in bed the whole day until my mother called early this morning. Apparently Binky Lou (see picture below) had the runs all night long. Then she started to vomit. We called the Animal Emergency Hospital but they were closing. Good thing Binky got an appointment at her vet this morning.

I've been drinking all these exotic natural drinks to take care of my cold but we didn't know that Binky got on the table and ate the fruits of my hot eastern european drink called kamput (see pics below). The other drinks is from a citrus fruit called calamansi, a Filipino drink. But we really gotta watch out for Binky since she thinks she's human.

I'm sick and exhausted, but I'm out and about. No rest...

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