Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sick of Facebook Much?

We got back from the 15 cumulative hours of travel from Ukraine to the Midwest Sunday evening and now I'm inundated with things to blog about. It's almost intimidating to even open up the files of more than 1,500 pictures to choose the best ones to post on here. But I cant wait to find time to organize the photos.


Besides the travel and the sweet vacation, I am almost sick of facebook as I am sick with the Midwest. There's a strong sense of community in Europe, a sense of community that I haven't felt since growing up in the Philippines (1980-1989). It felt really good. I will blog about the UA culture sometime this week or next.

Nonetheless there are many people I want to delete in FB yet contemplating just boycotting it for a couple of months. Realistically, less than a third of my friends on facebook are active, while the rest are dormant. As much as I once loved the site, I'm thinking of laying off in a significant way. Hopefully I'll change my mind.
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