Friday, September 17, 2010

#21 - Hello Ukraine

Challenge 21: Travel to Ukraine
Travel Date: 09.15.2010
Arrival Date: 09.16.2010

{ Lot Polish Airlines}

Challenge 21: Travel to Ukraine
We're finally in Ukraine and we have INTERNET!!!! :-) But first, the insane flight. The flight itself was smooth sailing, however the process and the events that occurred inside the cabin was dreadful.

We decided to fly out of Chicago, which meant a 4 hour drive from Iowa. Once there, it was hard to find a  decent long-term parking at an unbeatable price (stressful), then followed by waiting in line at check-in, and then the all so appalling terminal entrance made up of an intricate web of tethered human traffic. The international lanes to get into the terminal and gates were at a stand still for what seemed like the 9 Day Traffic Jam in China.

{ At the international check-in terminal at O'Hare Airport }

First, before boarding our plane, airport security frisked Dre for 10 minutes to make sure that he doesn't smuggle over $10k to Ukraine. We didn't even bring a fourth of that. The officer finally talked with me and asked how much money I had. Crazy, crazy. Fast forward to being settled in our seats (at 6pm CST) for a 9.5 hour long flight. It was outrageous in the most uncomfortable possible way. My chair was broken so it reclined automatically, which meant that the sound for the movie (Letters to Juliet) did not work as well. After 20 minutes of sleeping, my neck stiffed up and ached for the whole entire time. Needless to say, I did not sleep after that. On top of it all,  Dre got motion sickness, stomach cramps, and flu like symptoms. He must have gone to the bathroom at least 7-10 times to vomit. When we reached Poland (3am CST), there was another security check to get into our gates. Another delay. On our last flight before arriving to Ukraine, Dre vomited in the vomit bag. It was one of my most interesting flights. Just completely, unpleasant.

{ Google Image : Odessa International Airport } 

{ Izzy's Photo : Picture of the Airport from the airplane view }

  { Izzy's Photo : Odessa International Airport }

Upon arrival at the Odessa International Airport, we were surprised that we didn't have to fill out declaration forms - however the lines to stamp the passport were long, lengthy, time consuming, and crowded. The temperature was scorching and sweat was dripping off my face and back. All I could think of was to lay on a nice bed with the air conditioner blasting. Nonetheless, all our suitcases were there. Thank God!

Meeting my in-laws will be on the next blog. In the mean while, enjoy the pictures of airplane food that my brother, Izzy, took. Unfortunately I was an idiot who followed Dre's advise not to bring my Nikon because he brought the Canon for me to use. But that didn't happen - he ended up using it. The batteries on Canons die fast as well. I was not thrilled with that. I regret not following my own instinct, yet at the same time, there is no point to becoming a diva for something I can not help, even though I really want to. Never again will I take someone's advise over mine. I am so tempted to buy a point and shoot just for the sake of taking my own pictures.

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  1. Oh my, what a trip! I'm picturing Andrey stuffed in an airplane bathroom being sick and that is not a pleasant picture. I hope he is feeling better. And, hope you get to take some beautiful pictures of your own. =)

  2. Hi Misty, I did take some pictures today. :-) I'm just a little weary about the Canon since my Nikon is my baby. :-) Will post sometime this week.