Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Summer in Iowa to the Autumn in Ukraine

There's that change in weather that seems to have put a spell on me. As soon as September hit, the weather changed from summer to fall almost instantaneously. Last Friday, we went to Chicago for a business meeting -  meaning that we had to leave here at 4:30 AM to arrive just in time for an 8AM meeting. Nonetheless, I wore a black animal print skirt, and a light weight, short sleeve black blouse. At 4:30AM, the temperature was in the low 50's and the chill hit me like a shock wave that ran up and down my spine. It was insane and silly me didn't go back to grab a cardigan. This abrupt change of weather temperature shook up my equilibrium during the long Labor Day weekend; and for some reason it's hitting me again today since I can hardly keep my eyes open, my body is sore, and I feel warm and weak inside. I've already drank endless cups of tea and took soms DayQuil with Vitamin C, yet I feel so weak and fatigued. The lack of sleep doesn't seem to help either. I finally had to quit working at noon today to get a little more rest. Must get well... must get well... Europe trip coming soon... must get well.

Speaking of traveling in style, yesterday I got a fuscia croco patent 29" Upright Luggage (not Prada, but Ellen Tracy) with a 360 degree twister wheels for a lot cheaper than the retail price. Gotta love TJMAxx.

I haven't started packing yet, just an ongoing mental list in mind of what to bring. Still very excited to meet my in-laws and the reunion of Dre's immediate family composed of his mom and dad, and his sister, Marina. The family haven't been together since Dre left the Ukraine 15 years ago. This is also the first time Alex (Marina's husband) gets to meets his in-laws. It's going to be great, the only thing is that my brother and I will be the only ones who can not speak Russian, but it should still be exciting. :-) Also looking forward to the planned itinerary of places to go, sights to see, new food to taste, and exotic things to take home.

Must get well... cant get anymore sick...
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  1. If your going to Kiev you will have fun - it's a very nice city! Enjoy!