Saturday, September 18, 2010

#22 - Meeting the In-Laws

Challenge 22: Meeting the In-Laws
Date Met: 09.16.2010

Meeting my in-laws seemed surreal. After an exhausting flight and feeling as though intoxication took over my body, there they were greeting us with open arms amidst the heat and the crowd. They're so warm, loving, and friendly that for some reason, there was this indescribable feeling of familiarity though we've never physically met.

 { My father-in-law : Vladimir }

{ My mother-in-law : Ludmila }

Dre's dad always has a smile on his face, cracking jokes, and trying his best to speak English. It's cute. His mother has this warm, motherly feel of kindness. I just feel like hugging her all the time. Dre looks more like his mom and it's so sweet. It just puts a smile on my face to at last meet them. It's also amazing to see and to finally understand Dre's little quirks because I see them in his parents. It really makes me happy.

From the Odessa International Airport, we traveled two hours by transportation to the city of Nikolaev. There was so much I wished to say and to ask his parents but there's the language barrier. Poor Dre is trying his best to translate but it's just not the same as speaking truly speaking to them. If only... if only... (Definitely next time I will come back speaking Russian fluently).

When we got to our rented flat, Alex and Marina met up with us for dinner:

{ Marina & Alex }

My mother-in-law prepared a delicious middle eastern dinner, which I really appreciated because I so crave exotic, home cooked food:

I think I'm finnally getting used to this time zone. Pretty soon jet lag will be a thing of the past.

Stay tuned... more to come...
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  1. Congratulations to have finally met your in-laws! A good loving relationship with in-laws is possible and definitely worth having and working for it! Enjoy!!!

    P.S. I also met my in-laws after getting married, so I know how you felt!!! (They are also from Ukraine) :D

  2. What a small world! I have a feeling we're going to be great blog friends.

  3. oh i love these pictures of your trip, they are beautiful! and what a beautiful family. now i want to go there ;)