Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday Night Rendezvous

Last Saturday evening, I had a love affair with a Tuxedo Truffle Cake. Every one of the 5 bites I had was like tasting it for the first time. It was so creamy, chocolaty, and divine. It just melted perfectly in my mouth as my taste buds basked in all the absolute glory of sheer joy and happiness. Apparently, 5 small bites was all I needed, until NOW!! However, Dre ate all the cake before I could have any more.

I'm not usually a sweet tooth kind of person. I prefer the salty, crunchy, and the greasy (which accounts for my increased waist line). But even I haven't indulged in my salt addiction for a while. Lately, it's been the limited sweet stuff.

The bakery has a number of varieties of these dessert items. There's one with lemon and strawberry, and one with cream raspberry. Not sure if I'm going to spoil myself with those since 1/4 of a cake costs about $15.00. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to genuine European desserts. I shall take pictures to post here soon.

Great news, my sister-in-law (Marina) and brother-in-law (Alex) arrived in Ukraine safely today. As for previews of where we're going to be, it's the city of Nikolaev in East Ukraine. Here is a picture of a building in Nokolaev from one of Marina's photo albums in facebook:

Lots of photo opportunities of architecture, landscapes, market place, and people. I can hardly wait.
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  1. Elle, that cake looks AMAZING. Only five bites?? Adam would have had to wrestle me for it, and despite the size difference, I would have won. :)